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Parallel Lines


In the age of social media, never before has it been so important to advertise your talent in order to stand out from the near 3 billion users who now saturate the Facebook platform.

Building a social following doesn't need to be hard with the right targeted advertising, and it doesn't have to break the bank either! We've help dozens of musicians gain millions of followers over the past 5 years, and we can do the same for you, regardless of your advertising budget.



Gain thousands of followers while increasing your Facebook page credibility and status in the community.


Create waves of new engagement for your music posts, and organically build followers even faster from fans sharing your content.


Get your music in front of thousands of people every day, attracting the attention of talent scouts, music producers, and labels around the world.


Building The Creative

We work with you to choose and optimise your favourite music tracks to craft into the most effective Ads to attract the attention from music lovers around the world.

Writing Ad Captions

We specialise in writing effective Ad captions to encourage users to like and follow your page. With years of experience and testing, we'll find something that works to fetch you the results you deserve.

Weekly Reporting

Every week we'll check in with you to produce your Ad results, suggest areas of improvement, and make sure you're entirely happy with the direction of your advertising.

Targeting Your Interests

We aim to advertise your music in the locations of your choosing, whether that be promoting Ads in your home city, or extending to the other side of the world - the choice is yours.

Ads Management

Once your Ads have been created and approved, we'll monitor their performance daily to ensure they are fully optimised at all times, making the most out of every dollar.

No Lock-In Contracts

Let's be honest, no one likes lock-in contracts, and neither do we! This is why all of our advertising services are no-obligation, cancel anytime. We don't need to lock you in, because we know the results we provide will make you excited to stay and grow together. 

Parallel Lines

What Our Clients Say

Image by Alexander Shatov

I’ve been using Stars Uncovered ad management for a while now and as something I didn’t plan to use for very long, I definitely changed my mind after seeing how well it performed. The increase in not only growth in numbers, but the feedback and interaction on my posts is better than I’d ever imagined it being. I was a bit sketchy going into paid ad support but the team make me feel more than comfortable by constantly letting me have a say. Letting me choose amounts, and even choosing the ads we launch. The weekly reports show me every angle of where my money is going and how it’s helping and that to me is perfect. I’ll continue using stars uncovered for a long time, it’s exactly what I needed to share my music to the world.

- Timmy Commerford

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Image by Alexander Shatov
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