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Spotify Streams - 1,000 Real Streams

This service offers Real Spotify Streams from quality human built accounts which are controlled under engagement groups that by design are set to listen to your audio track for an extended period of time. These streams come from accounts acrorss the globe which are setup in large networks, and can help your new or existing track reach new stream records and attract organic engagement from other real listeners.


As an added benefit, you can use this service to help monetize your Spotify account!


This service will provide: 1,000 Spotify Streams/Plays.

Please do not place another order until your first delivery is completed in full.


Your Spotify track link should look like this example below:


Please allow up to 48-72 hours for your order to be delivered in full.

Spotify Streams - 1,000 Real Streams

  • How To Get Your Spotify Track Link On Mobile/App:

    • Click on the song you want to use and play it.
    • When playing you'll see 3 dots (menu icon) at the top right.
    • Click the 3 dots and then click 'Share'.
    • Click 'Copy Link', then you can simply paste it into our website.

    How To Get Your Spotify Track Link On Computer/PC:

    • Copying the Spotify track URL is easy, on the web player you simply click on the three dots on a song and choose 'Copy Song Link'
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